Project management monitoring

This service aims to fulfil the specific needs of investors, fund managers or future owners, consisting in an audit to the process of a project management. It provides a brief analysis on the project progress and its management, and gives the client, in a regular basis, reports about the goals defined for the project.


Our service is aimed for protecting investor’s interest, assuring that projects are being completed within the timeline and budget defined, and obey high quality standards.


From the beginning of the monitoring process, we will point out several options regarding important decisions. The service is thus focused in providing answers for 10 essential questions:

  1. Is the project feasible?
    Feasibility studies (specifications, preliminary study, etc.…)
  2. What does it take to implement the plan in terms of human resources, capital and planning?
    Resource organization and allocation (building permission procedures, subcontractor, team project charts, etc.…)
  3. How can we determine results and goals for of the project?
    Planning and Control (deadlines, evolution control, local supervision, costs estimates, etc.…)
  4. What has been produced considering the amount invested?
    Earned value management (costs control, budget, costs estimates, etc.…)
  5. Is it really necessary to change the project, resulting from that additional works?
    Market/product has changed or an error occurred: why and feasible options.
  6. What are we communicating and when?
    Reporting client’s decisions (interdisciplinary communication lines, meetings, etc….)
  7. What can go wrong?
    Risk analysis (risk management, health and security issues, etc…)
  8. How to assure implementation or avoid critical moments during execution?
    Technical diligence reports (plan implementation and local supervision).
  9. How to assess results and project implementation?
    Project implementation and results assessment (valuations creation and execution)
  10. Is everything in compliance with legal and ethical principles?
    Ethical analysis (compliance control during execution).

Project Monitoring

This service is specifically designed to meet the needs of investors, fund managers or (future) owners. Provides a watching brief over the progress of a project and provides the client with regular reports on the achievement of goals during the project.

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