Advisory in lease contracts negotiation

The 2012 changes in Regime de Arrendamento Urbano (the legal framework for urban leases), boosted the lettings market, through greater flexibility and legal stability. Besides resulting in a gradual decrease of old leases, it also strongly boosted urban renewal.

In this context, Prime Yield has joined the Casa Sapo Real Estate Portal to deliver an innovative service targeting both tenants and owners – private or institutional. The service intends to provide an independent instrument that allows, in view of the new urban lease law, to estimate a market rental value with the correct adjustment to the state of the property, thus supporting a more informed decision at the time of renewing or contracting a lease.


This service consists in a report with an estimated rental value that reflects the property’s specific conditions. The starting point is the data sent by the client regarding the property and its comparison with market info gathered by Prime Yield in the course of its property valuation activity and with data gathered by Casa Sapo regarding its activity of showcasing property for sale or lease. There are two lines of service:

  • Advisory with a report that reflects the combined information (client/Prime Yield/Casa Sapo) but without visiting the property. It includes an analysis of the property registry certificate.
  • Advisory with a report that reflects the combined information (client/Prime Yield/Casa Sapo) and includes visiting the property.

If you have any queries, please contact us in our lease support line, available in +351 217 902 540.

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