Prime Yield has a track record of over a decade in providing valuation services for assets such as property, companies and equipment, having one the most diversified assessed portfolios. Find below the main areas in which we have delivered valuation services:


Productive sectors such as agriculture and fisheries are becoming more professionalized and require, more than ever, an accurate and regular valuation of their assets.


In a sector as competitive as the automotive, having a balance sheet valuated according to the reality of your company and the markets you respond to today, is a critical success factor.


An accurate valuation of the corporate facilities of a company is essential for having a correct balance sheet. Besides, it can support owners and developers in their operations.


Assessing the real and accurate value of your company’s equipment or machineries, either used to produce goods or provide services, is essential for a solid business.


In a context where increasing accuracy is required, a correct valuation of housing assets is crucial, whether in the case of a transaction or for the purposes of mortgage lending.


In a rapidly changing world, where consumers demand speed and efficiency in accessing products, having the assets and business working for the company is crucial for anyone operating in logistics, distribution, and transportation.

Urban Rehabilitation

The movement of rehabilitation extends to all national territory. If you are already part of this dynamic or are considering to do, know that the valuation of assets with rehabilitation potential is one of the first and most important steps in the process.


Rationalizing assets performance and having a global vision of profitability and investment risk are critical success factors for those who work in the retail market.


Health is very difficult to assess. If you are in this business, start with what is most tangible: your business and the assets that influence the activity


Having assets valuated correctly and regularly and a balance sheet valuated according to the actual operation is a critical success factor for those who work in the tourism market.

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