Prime Yield is prepared to offer valuation services for all types of assets based on principles and procedures of a multidisciplinary nature and delivered by a team of professionals and technicians driven by quality and accuracy.

  • Tangible assets (property and movable), such as residential, offices, stores, warehouses, industrial plants, urban sites, rustic sites, property developments, machinery and equipment
  • Intangible assets, such as brands, know-how, patent or formulas.
  • Property valuations:
    • For mortgage lending purposes;
    • Property allocated to business operations;
    • Property allocated to companies, according to IAS/IFRS – International Accounting Standard
  • Sites’ valuations
  • Development project’s valuations
  • Property Portfolios’ valuations
  • Industrial machinery and equipment’s valuations
  • Companies’ valuations
  • Art Works’ valuations
  • Covered sectors:
    • Residential – Apartments, single-family houses, townhouses, garages,
    • Commercial – Offices, warehouses, retail parks, stores, gas stations,
    • Leisure – Hotels, theme parks, golf courses,
    • Health – Hospital, practices, care housing,;
    • Land – Urban and rustic sites
  • Methods | Standards:
    • Regarding property valuations services, Prime Yield uses and applies methods derived from CMVM official Regulation no 2/2015, as well as RICS standards, which regulates property valuation for Investment Funds, namely:
      – Comparative Principles
      – Profit Principle
      – Cost Principle.
    • When valuating property development projects, Prime Yield uses the alternatives analysis, based on the Highest and Best Use criteria through the Residual Principle.
  • Acquisition /Sale
  • Lending
  • Mortgage security
  • Accounting
  • Company Management
  • Insurance companies’ reserves
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolios Revaluation
  • Rental reviews
  • Administrative Management
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Inheritance division

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