Integrated Policy for Quality and Environment

In consistency with the defence of the previously mentioned values, the Managing Direction of Prime Yield has established an Integrated Policy for Quality and Environment, thus embracing the following commitments:

  • Identifying the mechanisms for establishing and reviewing goals suitable to the nature and scale of the environmental issues resulting from the company’s activity; and also suitable to the quality of the products and services provided. The company operates both to prevent /reduce pollution and responding to the customers and other interested parties expectations.
  • The management practices are guided by a policy of continuous improvement, thus investing in improving efficiency of the Integrated Management System;
  • Compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements, namely regulations, which the company subscribes, in terms of environmental issues. Also compliance with contractual requirements regarding the services provided;
  • Identifying and analysing the environmental impact and issues that may be generated, both directly or indirectly, by the company’s activity, and thus adopting the best available practices for the prevention and protection of the environment;
  • Planning and providing the Human and Technical Resources required to achieve Prime Yield’s goals, as well as promoting regular training programs suitable for employees in the performance of their jobs and tasks.
  • Establishing processes aimed at meeting clients’ expectations, in a objective and continuous way, providing a periodic assessment of their needs and expectations and an appropriate response to areas who need to be improved;
  • Actively participating in the evaluation of suppliers’ performance, quality of product/service provided as well as in the identification of the related relevant environmental issues;
  • Establishing mechanisms for the dissemination of this Policy to stakeholders.

The Managing Direction is committed in reviewing this Policy on a regular basis in order to assure that it remains adjusted to Prime Yield’s activity.
The Integrated Policy for Quality and Environment was established by the Managing Direction of Prime Yield, being disclosed in all the company and a its employees, the latter being responsible for getting to know this policy.

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