“Keep an eye on the NPL&REO markets: Prime Yield presents the key findings of the 2024 edition

NPL&REO Markets 2024

Prime Yield has just announced its latest conclusions regarding the performance of the NPL&REO market in the several Southern European countries in which it operates, as well as in Brazil, where it is also present.

The company has now published the 2024 edition of its “Keep an Eye on the NPL&REO Markets” study, an annual research on the NPL sales markets in Brazil, Greece, Portugal and Spain, countries where the company provides specialised services to this sector. The study aims to provide an informed view of these four markets, analyzing NPL stocks and ratios, as well as forecasting transaction activity in 2023 and prospects for its evolution in 2024.

One of the main conclusions is that the European markets analysed by Prime Yield will perform differently in 2023. On the one hand, Spain, where NPL sales activity will have increased year-on-year, with the return of large-scale portfolio trading. On the other hand, Portugal and Greece, with a slowdown in activity reflecting the strong deleveraging progress of recent years. In Portugal, however, this slowdown meant that activity was close to an all-time low, while in Greece transaction levels remain robust. In Latin America, Brazil is also showing a slowdown in NPL sales activity, but this is mainly due to the intensification of loan renegotiation processes, which has put some transactions on hold.

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